In the world of work, Rainmakers are influential people who make things happen with limited resources and often against overwhelming odds.

Technology has revolutionized the way people do their jobs. Instead of long careers with one or two employers, many workers are patching together a series of one-time jobs (gigs) to earn the annual income they need. Gigs can be single-day tasks, will usually involve long- or short-term contracts, or consist of random freelance work.

Futurists tell us that permanent jobs will be the exception rather than the norm. Even individuals in permanent jobs may need to ‘job hop’ to achieve the title and salary they want in today’s ‘flattened’ management structures, which operate with fewer managers and transfer more responsibility to employees. To succeed, today’s students (YOU!) will need skills that will be very different from those their parents have. Students will also need to know how to ‘market’ those skills to potential employers on a regular basis.

We teach students how to think about their daily lives and various activities in a way that can be shared with employers that reveals the richness of each student’s own personal story. We also provide students with opportunities to participate in targeted exercises that will be compelling enough to help the student rise above the worldwide competition for available job opportunities.

While that sounds like hard work, it’s not that hard to do. You just have to pay close attention to what you’re doing and pick the best path possible for you.

And that’s what we are here to help students do!

In fact, what you may have to do is create your own jobs and, in doing so, become a ‘Rainmaker.’



Internship duration limited to two weeks or 14 non-consecutive days.


No intern is ever at the office – all interactions are conducted via distance technology.


Participating students are not paid, allowing host
employers to teach and mentor rather than demand performance against a budgetary expenditure.


In a world in which traditional jobs may only last three or four years and gig jobs may only last three or four weeks, we ensure participants have experiences that help them build their résumés, learn and practice the ‘search skills’ necessary to seek and secure employment, and build their professional networks. Unlike traditional internships, we do that by putting the burden for employer recruitment on the student.

By doing that, we shifted the emphasis from learning just during the internship itself to learning during the process of acquiring the internship as well.

That self-acquisition process forces participants to go light years beyond the standard internship experience in which an employee of a college or a school district finds hosting companies and pairs students with those companies.

That shift in emphasis means we are putting equal emphasis on the three key skills workers will need:

Hard Skills (academic knowledge that will be a prerequisite for getting a job),

Soft Skills  (the attitudes students will need to keep the jobs they get), and

Search Skills  (a new essential as the average length of time for employment in a single job decreases).


With our targeted, age-appropriate training and mentoring, middle school and high school students will be ready to begin their journey to Rainmaker status in eighth grade and senior year, respectively. They will be ready to earn money in the Gig Economy by the end of high school when they are 18 years of age and throughout college or trade school.

The skills that make Rainmakers so effective can be learned in our one-of-a-kind Rainmakers Internship Preparation Program (RIPP), which prepares high school juniors and seniors for tomorrow’s workforce and for entry into the Gig Economy NOW, through which students (YOU!) can achieve income/college/career goals.

But we don’t wait until the end of high school to tell students what they need to be successful in work. We aim to be a small but insistent voice for work readiness starting in eighth grade with our proprietary curriculum, called The First Rung. We continue our messaging into the first two years of high school with our unique Stormy Wannabees Advantage Initiative for freshmen and sophomores.

Ask your principal or other school administrators — or have your parents ask them — to work with us to introduce our program into your school right away so you can learn how to make it rain! Use the links below to learn more about our offerings.

Your Success. Your Internship. Your Future.


Rainmakers Internship Preparation Program (RIPP),

The First Rung

 Stormy Wannabees Advantage Initiative

Introduce Our Program in Your Middle and High Schools


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More than one in three Americans worked in the Gig Economy pre-pandemic.

Learn How We Help Students Prepare


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Workforce disruptions create challenges the ‘prepared’ will see as opportunities.

Learn How We Help Students Prepare


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Colleges and employers alike value students who serve internships in high school.

Learn How We Help Students Prepare


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In addition to hard and soft skills, workers will need ‘search skills’ to remain employed.

Learn How We Help Students Prepare


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Academic or vocational knowledge will continue to be the basis for employment.

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About 85% of jobs are secured through personal networking and referrals.

Learn How We Help Students Prepare


Academic learning is key, so we minimize impact on the school day. We need only 90 minutes of class time in sophomore and again in junior year. Other activities are offered as integrated curriculum or distance-learning experiences that students can fit into their busy schedules after-school and on weekends.*


Students prepare for our internships through a variety of team-based competitions. Online learning opportunities include Mentor teleconferences (offered as ‘live’ after-school or weekend events and as recorded sessions for students who cannot join
the live experience), curated podcasts, and website activities.*


We maximize student time by simulating tomorrow’s ‘gig’ workplace. We emphasize the academic and marketing skills they need to get a job. Our internships are remote and only two weeks long. Thus prepared, students can join the Gig Economy, where they can seek and secure employment before and/or after they leave school.*


Experienced business people and college officials interact with our student participants and help them understand what it takes to be successful in the competitive environments of college admissions and job acquisition in dynamic online discussions that invigorate participant engagement and help ensure student success.*


All students on a class team can get an ‘A’ because they are judged against a set standard. In business, only one person gets the promotion or the raise. Our participants can work with friends, but competition within and between teams mimic that in business and may change the nature of current or future relationships.*

*To participate in any part of our high school or college program of work, students will need a smart phone that has, at a minimum, access to email and video streaming. Most activities do not require a computer but when and if necessary, students can use their own, or access one in a school or local library. Our eighth grade program is designed to be delivered in school under the guidance of classroom teachers and none of the activities offered in that program requires technology use outside the classroom.

Learn How to Make It Rain


We Offer Learning That Can Help Increase Your Earning

Our internships are not ‘given’ to anyone.
Our internships must be earned.

Students who secure and do well in an internship will stand out from the crowd in the competition for available college placements and employment opportunities.

But we don’t put our name behind just anyone.

The designation of ‘Rainmaker’ is awarded to young adults who complete our Rainmakers Internship Preparation Program (RIPP) and, as a result, have gained the professional audacity they need to seek, select, solicit, secure, and successfully serve one of our ‘reinvented’ internships.

Our program presents opportunities for students in grades 8 – 12 to mimic the exact processes they will need to use as adults when they are looking for full- or part-time jobs in traditional or remote work situations. By experiencing the competitive conditions they will encounter in their futures while they are still in school, they will be better prepared for the competitive pressures they will face.

Together, the academic, technical, and/or vocational skills learned in school and our curricula, activities, team competitions, real world simulations, Mentor support, and the experience gained in one of our Rainmakers internships, will equip participants to seek income opportunities in the Gig Economy before they graduate from high school and/or while they are in college/industry-specific trade schools after high school.

Young adults who participate in our Rainmakers Internship Preparation Program (RIPP) will be better prepared for the challenges associated with entry into the world of work, be it in a traditional or an online position.

Teens who successfully complete their self-generated internships are dubbed ‘Rainmakers’ and are eligible for FREE lifetime memberships in The Rainmakers Club, an online community focused on building professional networks and increasing the chances of job acquisition.

Why Should the Adults You Know Advocate for a Rainmakers Internship Preparation Program (RIPP) in Your School District? 

Teachers and
Parents and

Today’s students need to know that they (you) will require more training and preparation to be successful in the workplace than any generation before you.
We help you start early!

Do you know an adult who is dedicated to the success of high school students?

Perhaps you know a special teacher or principal, or parents who participate in your school’s PTA. Or maybe you have relatives that might be business leaders or other adults who are deeply committed to your community. Have them speak with your high school leadership (principals or superintendents) about adopting our programs in your school.

For more information, encourage them to click on the link below.
They can also send us an
Email or call us at:1215-804-8912


Help Our Teens Go from Good to GREAT!

Give Them the Advantage of Your Wisdom

Help young adults understand what the world will expect from them.

Help shape what young people should expect from the world.

Too often, the transition from high school to college, or from high school or college to the world of work, is made more difficult if expectations are unrealistic.

Futurists are projecting that more than any other time in our industrialized history, a greater number of jobs will become obsolete faster than we can predict. Jobs that will be available will require more preparation than ever before.

Incoming workers – students who are still in school today – must be better educated and MORE resilient, not less so.

Yet some studies suggest that the reverse is true … students in school today have not been given the chance to learn how to be tenacious, to persevere, to overcome obstacles without complaint.
In short, these future workers may lack ‘grit.’

We need adults who are strong leaders who can help us work to build a generation that will have the backbone it will take to take over our world.

Four Ways to Get Involved


Mentor our young adults. Help them become Rainmakers. Never leave your home or office.


Motivate teens in one of our ‘Young Professional’ videos describing your path to career success.


Supervise a teen through a two-week, unpaid, off-site internship benefiting your business.


Maintain the operations of a Rainmakers Internship Preparation Program (RIPP) with a financial contribution.

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