The Challenges is a set of broad and deep performance-based online exercises (in the form of ten-question quizzes) that will evaluate and increase users’ knowledge of common business software programs (word processing, presentation, spreadsheet, and publishing).

We offer a few sample assessments below that are available for all of our website visitors to take. However, only individuals (students and parents) in schools that are participating in The Internship Depot programs will be able to access all of our other assessments, which offer over 150 questions in standard business software applications. Questions in our performance-based assessments get more difficult as users proceed through the list of offered assessments.

From the moment you begin one of our Challenges, you will need to be able to do what every business person needs to do: FOLLOW DIRECTIONS! To get the right answer, you will need to progress through a ten-question quiz that refers to specific attachments, open and close those attachments, read each question carefully, implement the actions that are defined in each question, and select the correct answer to the question based on the results of that action.

The questions get harder as you progress through The Challenges because they build on the information you have learned in earlier Challenges.

The Challenges will tell you what you know how to do and what you still need to learn how to do in the software programs used by virtually every worker in the world:  word processing, presentation, spreadsheet, and publishing. Success in our Challenges will help ensure that you can compete in the business world. NOTYET

Take Our Tutorial First

Start with our The Challenges Tutorial first so that you know what to do from the very first assessment you take. Click Here.

Our List of Challenges

The chart below provides a short description of each challenge and links to the assessment and the attachment you will need to use to answer the questions in the assessment.

Name of Assessment Difficulty Link to Assessment Link to Attachment
WP Test 1
General Knowledge
  [1]  2  3  4  5
1=Easy    5=Hard
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