Eighth Graders Learn to Climb Higher with The First Rung2019-10-18T18:52:31+00:00

Eighth Graders Learn to Climb Higher with The First Rung

If there were a defined fork in the road of learning that connects students to successful futures, eighth grade would be it. The level of challenge embedded in grade eight courses ratchets up significantly from that of seventh grade. A majority of schools use students’ performance in eighth grade (and scores on grade eight standardized tests) to determine which high school courses the rising ninth grader will have on his or her daily schedule. What those high school courses are, and how well new ninth graders perform in them, can make or break a young teen’s future.

That’s why The Internship Depot starts its ‘messaging’ in grade eight, emphasizing to students that hard work in hard courses is the best way to prepare for a successful life. We also discuss the need for students to learn appropriate soft skills as well.

We provide posters for classrooms that reinforce the messages we deliver in The First Rung curriculum. Eighth graders are also invited to participating in a number of activities that are on our website, listed below.

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The Future is Now! Quiz2019-09-03T19:55:10+00:00

The Future Is Now! Quiz

This short, self-correcting quiz will help students understand how critical their work is starting in eighth grade and continuing to beyond senior year in high school if they want to succeed in their futures. Questions are rotated about once a month during the school year.

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Work-Ready Facts and You

Found on The Internship Depot home page in the left-hand menu, this set of interesting facts about the workplace are published every month, offering a wide-base of basic business information for the reader. Check out the current crop of statements. Click Here.