What This Means To You

Here’s the current situation in the job market.

  • Over 450,000 résumés are added to Monster.com (a large online job search/match website) every week.
  • The average human resource manager spends only six seconds reviewing an applicant’s résumé.
  • About 80 percent of jobs are being powered by referrals, that is, one person who knows another fairly well connects him or her with an available job.
  • Somewhere between 70% and 85% of jobs are secured through networking.

These are real numbers documented on several credible Internet sites. RNMKR

And these are real challenges to your success – the competition for good jobs is fierce and will not subside. In fact, the challenges will increase over time.

We hope that as an adult worker, you accumulate a list of accomplishments you will be proud to add to your résumé. But there is no reason to wait. Start now to learn how to quantify your performance as a high school student in a way that ‘pitches’ your abilities to a college admissions officer or a hiring manager.

With a performance-based résumé, you can make your application for a job or a college admissions decision be far more impressive. That’s how you open the door for an interview. You move from one in 30,000 applicants to one in a few dozen candidates.

The competition will be fierce. You need to respond accordingly.

But as a high school student, what kind of data can you possibly use, and present on your résumé, that will impress a college admissions officer or employer? The answer to that is quite complex. But if you become involved in our Rainmakers Internship Preparation Program, you will find out exactly how to do that. You will translate your school performance into data that will impress an employer … or a college admissions official.



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