Life Story A

Every High School Course = Every Career

This is a true story about a young woman in a comparatively small town in central New Jersey.

We will call the woman in this story ‘Sally.’ None of the members of Sally’s family had much of an education. Years before Sally was born, her mother dropped out of school after eighth grade. Her father graduated high school but didn’t go any further. There was no reason for Sally to think she’d be able to do any better.

But for no particular reason, she didn’t resist the opportunity that was laid at her feet: free education in a good public school. She wasn’t a math brain, but she was determined not to fail. She spent hours learning Algebra I, II and Geometry. She worked hard doing the math that was embedded in the science courses she took but she actually loved Biology and loved Chemistry even more. For the most part, English was pretty easy for her.

But she knew college was way out of reach financially so as a senior, she transferred to a vocational school where she earned a certification in cosmetology. After graduation, she got a job as a hairdresser in the local beauty salon. Within a year, she realized she had much more of an interest in make-up than she did in hair. But there wasn’t much going on in the salon that had to do with cosmetics.

Then, one day, she reported to work and noticed there was an announcement on the bulletin board that had a big headline: ‘SCHOLARSHIPS.’

The poster announced that there were scholarships available to individuals who had at least one year of employment as a hairdresser, an interest in make-up, and who could pass college entrance exams in English, Math, and Science.

So, with her fingers crossed, she decided to apply and she won the scholarship – a full ride, including room and board – to a top-notch college, where she earned a degree in Cosmetic Science and Formulation Design. She now works for a FAMOUS WORLD-WIDE cosmetics company and is earning more than anyone in her tiny town could imagine. Not only is her salary is impressive, but she travels the world to work with beauty experts and beautiful people in the entertainment field. She loves her life. She loves her job. GEMESA


Maybe some.

But mostly hard work and keeping her ‘nose to the grindstone.’

That’s what success is — taking advantage of every opportunity that comes your way because you’re prepared for anything!

That’s what success demands — doing the best you can do, no matter what you think your life might be.