Workforce disruptions create challenges ‘the prepared’ will see as opportunities.

In addition:

  • Half a million new jobs will be created, especially in STEM fields.*
  • New fields of study and application, such as block chain and AI technologies, will spark new businesses and create new careers.**
  • The impact of disruption on employees/people will create a need for technical communicators, strong managers, therapists, and a whole range of widely diverse and highly educated support personnel.***

We help students become ‘the prepared.’ Knowing how jobs and the workplace will evolve over time will help students make better decisions while they still have the opportunity to take the courses necessary to achieve success as they define it. Our middle/high school curriculum and activities are designed to get them ready to take their first big step as seniors. They solicit employers to secure and serve one of our reinvented internships, which are short (two weeks), remote (students work online from home or school, saving transportation and wardrobe costs), and instructional (unpaid). That’s what they will do as adults. Traditional internships are outdated.

Our internships reflect tomorrow’s workplace.

*Bureau of Labor Statistics, US Department of Labor.
**Multiple credible sources online.
*** Multiple credible sources online.