In addition to hard and soft skills, all workers will need ‘search skills’ to remain employed.

In addition:

  • Even workers in traditional ‘permanent’ jobs may need to find as many as 11 jobs by the time they reach 40 years of age. That’s a new job every 17 months.*
  • Workers in the Gig Economy may need to find a new work assignment several times every year, cobbling together as many short-term contracts as necessary to earn an annual income.
  • All workers will need to know how to search for and secure a job, how to keep their résumés current, and how to interview well, both in person and by telephone.**
  • All workers will need to know how to network effectively.***
  • All workers will need mental elasticity, complex problem solving and critical thinking skills, interdisciplinary knowledge, creativity, and ‘people’ skills.*

With job turnover rates that will be higher than ever before, job searches will become a regular activity, not an occasional necessity. Students participating in The Rainmakers Internship and Preparation Program (RIPP) learn and practice the skills they need to get jobs as they use those exact processes to seek, solicit, secure, and successfully serve an internship as high school seniors.

In the Rainmakers Internship Preparation Program (RIPP), students will learn how to find information on career choices, build a performance-based résumé, market their skills, participate in phone and live mock interviews, and build a network of professional contacts. Together with traditional academic studies that will build their minds, they will be prepared for future challenges. RNMKR

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**Promote Yourself: The New Rules for Career Success. 2013.

Dan Schawbel
***Payscale.com and other credible sources available online.