Rainmakers Internship Preparation Program Aligned Activity:
Rainmakers Social Impact Challenge

Our Rainmakers Candidates (participating students) work in teams to conceive, design, deploy, and measure the effectiveness of a student-focused marketing campaign that addresses one of the goals of the school or the school district to reduce negative activities (bullying/drugs/smoking/vaping/guns) or to increase achievement (getting better grades in Mathematics/doing all assigned homework). Most importantly, teams develop a method by which they will evaluate their success.

Our Rainmakers Candidates work in teams and meet with school leaders to understand school goals and get approvals for their projects and evaluation methods. Students are given a set of supplies they can use to create materials for their campaign. School officials will approve all messaging, materials, and data collection activities.

Our Rainmakers Candidates conduct pre-campaign evaluations and then implement their project. Several months later, they conduct post-evaluations according to their administration-approved plan, calculate project impact or lack thereof, and theorize why they generated their good, bad or indifferent results.

Subsequently, our Rainmakers Candidates develop a presentation documenting their efforts, impact data, and discuss what worked and what did not. The best projects/presentation developed are reviewed and evaluated by judges from the business community in a competitive Impact Review. After the project is evaluated, team members evaluate each other’s performance on the project.