Rainmakers Internship Preparation Program Aligned Activity:
Practice Effective Leadership AND Followship Skills

In high schools, almost every student is encouraged to be a ‘leader’ in ways that might be appropriate to that individual. The word ‘follower’ has become an almost pejorative label. Leadership is important in business, but ‘followship’ is more important. There are always more followers than leaders, but even more critically, being a good follower is the only way an individual becomes a really good leader.

High-performing students assume they are good leaders but often don’t know how to support others, especially if those individuals are not as smart as they are. Students who feel they are mediocre often don’t want to be in the leadership spotlight.

Our Rainmakers Candidates learn and practice both leadership and followship skills as they cycle through each of those rolls as members of high-functioning, self-managing, accountable, competitive teams in our Rainmakers Internship Preparation Program (RIPP).