Rainmakers Internship Preparation Program Aligned Activity:
Future View

Thousands of jobs – especially those requiring minimal skill levels – will be replaced by technology. There is no real way to prepare for that future other than to know it’s coming. And to learn to see around corners.

The way the most effective leaders begin to see around corners is to …. READ. Read everything and anything. Voraciously. Not everything a leader reads turns into gold, but if a leader doesn’t read, he or she will never even see the glint of what might be around the corner. And to LISTEN. Informative podcasts can be downloaded and are often packed with information that will help the Rainmaker see what others cannot. And LISTEN to others who don’t necessarily share your opinions.

And finally, THINK. Let your brain mull over problems for a while, and if you have built up your neural connections with challenging course work, your brain may just do the work for you!

Six carefully selected podcasts and various research papers, followed by subsequent discussions with experienced adults, will help students see how one can develop the ability to see around corners and prepare for constant change.