Rainmakers Aligned Activity:
The Rainmakers Internship Preparation Program

After participating in all of our training and preparation exercises, students will be ready for the ultimate in applied learning: they will generate their own internship by ‘pitching’ their skills to employers. This short (two weeks), learning (unpaid), remote (students are never on the business site) internship mirrors the skills necessary to succeed in tomorrow’s workplace where traditional full-time jobs will be the exception and short-term ‘gigs’ will be the norm.

To be successful in that world, students have to start practicing today. Students need to be able to maneuver outside of their comfort zones, accept new responsibilities, and try to achieve success in a completely new and different kind of challenge. That’s what we ask of our Rainmakers Candidates now, so they know how to be successful as adults.

After our Rainmakers Candidates (participating upperclassmen) successfully complete their internship experience (documented by a letter of recommendation from their hosting employers), they ‘graduate’ from Rainmakers Candidates status to Rainmaker status.

As successful Rainmakers, students receive certificates of completion, letters of recommendation from leadership at the Internship Depot, and free lifetime memberships to The Rainmakers Club, an online community in which newly designated Rainmakers can begin building their professional networks and are offered other opportunities.