Site Directors Can Do More

This summary of the opportunities we offer to our Site Directors to be successful, entrepreneurial, and begin building (or continue building) their résumés with in-demand skills like recruitment, fund-raising, and management multi-directional projects.

More details Among other things. 

  • recruit additional high schools into the Internship Depot’s family of participating schools and receive a $500 recruitment fee per school,
  • serve as a Site Director in additional high schools that are within a reasonable driving distance and double or triple salary,
  • successfully complete training for one or both of The Internship Depot’s program events for juniors and/or seniors (Race for a Place and Compete for a Seat),
  • build and maintain a fundraising network to defray costs of various aspects of program delivery to the Site Director’s high school(s) and receive a 20% fee for funds raised,
  • arrange programs for adults who could benefit from additional workforce training, such as résumé review or computer software training,
  • launch an Internship program in the local community college,
  • convene meetings for parents who want to learn more about using technology, or how to write a better résumé and who pay a small fee for that service, and
  • be entrepreneurial, and suggest/develop/deploy new program ideas under the banner of, and with permission from, The Internship Depot.

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