Pass the Word

We work with the Site Director and classroom teachers to announce the beginning of key Rainmakers activities via normal school communications procedures and ask, at a minimum, that the school include our key program dates in their regular email messaging, school newsletters, on their websites, and morning announcements.

We also ask schools to email parents about our key program dates so they can support student learning at home.

Participating students are also directed to our website for additional information, so they know exactly what they need to do and when it needs to be done.

Two of our activities require time in classrooms (two periods in sophomore and two in junior year) and we prefer working with students on the day before holidays when they are usually not ready to concentrate on academics. When we present various after-school learning events (podcasts, webinars, teleconference and other remote activities), we record the sessions so students who were not able to attend can listen to the information when they have time.

Finally, we write a bi-monthly online magazine for parents and teachers that will keep them informed about workforce development issues called The Workforce Chronicles. We ask that schools email the very informative publication to parents to help them understand how and why they can help their students succeed in college and the workplace.