The Wannabees Design Challenge

Students work in teams to create a fictional company, assign various corporate responsibilities to team members, brainstorm a product concept, ‘build’ a prototype using popular arts and crafts products, create a 60-second video commercial that would be used to ‘sell’ the product, and produce an electronic presentation that details their activities, successes or failures, and define what they have learned from the process.

Participating students have ‘tons-of-fun’ in this competitive team activity as they dream up a unique product working in small teams in person or remotely in the evenings or weekends using their cell phones/emails and free time in school. Participating students engage in a peer review process within teams, which is preceded by a short ‘Language Counts!’ life lesson as part of the activity ‘set-up.’

Students must present their ideas, their entire product proposal (including team expertise), and their 60-second commercial to teachers who select the best and forward them to The Internship Depot volunteer business Mentors who select the final winners.

Winning teams get a small prize.

However, some of the most important work happens after the project is done as students participate in a self-/peer- review process after reviewing information about how businesses use evaluations as a tool that produces improved performance from every employee.