Spread It Out

School districts can determine how to pay for program implementation. School leadership can pay the program fee (currently $5.00 per high school student with free curriculum provided to all students in sending middle schools) directly out of their school budgets.

However, The Internship Depot strongly recommends that the school district asks high school students to ‘earn’ the $5.00 annual fee and use that effort to illustrate their dedication to their personal, academic, and professional growth. Subsequently, we will show students how to showcase this purchase on their résumés.

In fact, colleges and employers alike would use the activity as a measure of interest and dedication to their own success. Ideally, students would also be asked to add an additional $2.00 (for a total of $7.00 per year) to cover the expense of students for whom even the minimal amount of $5,00 would be difficult to find. Colleges in particular look for students who get involved in supporting altruistic activities, and students who earned and paid $7.00 to support their own and another’s effort at personal improvement would be highly regarded. Ultimately, most students spend more than our $5.00 annual cost every month for nail polish, chewing gum, movies, and haircuts.

Should the district (with or without fundraising support provided by The Internship Depot staff) raise funds for the enhanced program activities offered by The Internship Depot, all funds will flow through the school’s non-profit education foundation so contributors can avail themselves of a tax exemption. The school’s education foundation will distribute the funds to Challenge Central LLC (parent company of The Internship Depot).