Well, We Don’t

We function very much like an online university or remote industry training course. We have a lot of important information to give, but we don’t chase enrolled students. If they want what we offer, they have multiple opportunities to get the information, but we treat them like intelligent almost-adults who make their own decisions with their time. We make sure they know the repercussions of not learning what we offer, but we rely on them to be self-motivating. In other words, we treat them just as their future managers will. So we don’t take attendance.

We also don’t give students grades. We are not ‘a course’ in the formal assignment of the word. We would rather ‘entice’ them to join us because they find out that the information we give them can help them be better in high school, become more likely to pick the right career and college, and succeed as adults.

Thus, we increase the ability of each student to manage his/her own schedule and stay focused and on target. Emerging research indicates this inability to get ahead of/manage workload and avoid chaos is a major reason for poor grades in college even among highly successful high school students.