What This Could Mean to YOU . . .

What all employers want is an educated workforce, since the kinds of jobs that used to require minimal education are disappearing.

This means that you only have one choice.

Whether you eventually go to college (two- or four-year), the military, a trade school, or directly to the workplace, you will need a solid high school education.

If you slack off in high school, you will eventually have to learn what your high school teachers were trying to teach you. Every job that offers a living wage requires that an individual have an educational base at least equivalent to a four-year high school experience. If you don’t learn what you are supposed to learn in high school when you’re there, you will have to go back and learn what you missed at some point. And most likely, you will have to pay for that learning.

So, learn it now, while the taxpayers in your community are paying for your education.

You can’t possibly know what your future will bring, so you have to prepare for anything that may come along. The only way you can prepare for the universe of every job is to work as hard as you can at the most challenging high school courses your high school offers and get the best grades you can.

If your school offers our Rainmakers Internship Preparation Program, get involved! Our RIPP program provides you with the opportunity to join the human cloud — the Gig Economy — while you are still in high school. The well-prepared can be in great demand and earn significant money doing short-term jobs. If you have the skills someone needs, you could earn the money you need to achieve your future goals.