Business Mentor Review of Select Résumés

When our participating students hit the summer months between their junior and senior year, they will have had over three years to build content for their résumés. If they paid attention to our annual reminders, they should have recorded and measured improvements they have made in various categories of importance every year, such as academic success, social growth, development of a life plan, and post-high school education goals. Therefore, they will have plenty of ‘meat’ to put on the bones of a simple résumé format.

This activity offers opportunities for upperclassmen to hear a ‘friendly critique’ of a number of representative résumés (maybe their own!) that run the gamut from great to absolutely not (without revealing the author’s name).

It will then be up to participating students to apply the critique of a few select résumés to their own documents in time to present the final version to possible internship hosting companies. Remember, we are not here to do their work for them. We are here to ensure they know how to do their own résumé development.