Strengthen Your Core | Rounding the First Bend

Building a professional résumé and updating it every year (at least) is something that every job seeker needs to know how to do, especially in an economy that will likely not support decades in a single job. In fact, most workers will need to look for a new job about every three years. Those who work in the GIG Economy will have to revise and improve their résumés far more often — perhaps every three or four months. While the résumé as a single-page document recounting a person’s education and work experience may be morphing into a set of online essay questions that job applicants have to answer coherently, the content of the résumé provides answers to those individual online questions.

This will be the third consecutive year that participating students upgrade their résumés with our advice and instruction. These activities help them define their core competencies and set goals for improving same and help them narrow down their career choices.

Sophomores continue to learn how they can quantify their current and future academic and social performance with data so they can build a better story for the résumés they will need to write in senior year.