Strengthen Your Core – On the Starting Block

We start focusing students on building content for their résumés in eighth grade. We don’t have them ‘write’ their résumés, — we ask them to start recording information they will use on their résumés in the future. we ask them to start building content for those documents by recording year-to-year improvement in their academic performance, attendance, and behaviors.

Having started with basic information we presented to them in eighth grade through our proprietary middle school curriculum called The First Rung, we continue to build on that messaging and strongly suggest they continue doing annual self-evaluations starting in ninth grade. This is the first of four ‘Resume Review Activities’ that span every year in high school and is best rooted in English class.

While short, this period of self-evaluation will help them define their core competencies and set goals for improving same. We show freshmen how they can quantify their current and future academic and social performance with data over the course of the next three years to build a better story for the résumés they will need to write in senior year.