Building Professional Networks

When Rainmakers Candidates successfully complete their internships, they receive letters of recommendation from their business Host and officially become Rainmakers. At that time, they will be eligible for a FREE lifetime membership in The Rainmakers Club, an online community through which they can build their professional networks, share information about career opportunities, and give back to the community of Rainmakers Candidates in the pipeline.

In a world where online job exchanges post as many as 450,000 résumés a week, personal connections have become even more critical. In fact, research indicates that as many as 85% of jobs are secured through professional networking and business contacts. That’s reason enough for students to start early to build a professional network. However, because our Rainmakers are so young, they will not appear to be competition for more experienced business folks and will be able to build a large network while they are just getting started.

All Rainmakers Candidates must be over 18 years of age to contact an employer, serve a Rainmakers internship, and join The Rainmakers Club.