Prepare to Sell Yourself

When our Rainmakers Candidates make the phone calls that will help them secure an internship, they will need to have a short, introductory ‘pitch’ that will grab a business person’s attention. Sometimes called an ‘elevator speech,’ it should fit into the time limits defined by a short elevator ride. Every single high-performing professional in every industry has a personal elevator pitch.

The ‘pitch’ should also reflect the individual student’s skills inventory — that will help define the type of project that a student might want to offer to potential internship Hosts. Fortunately, the needs of business are deep and varied and can utilize almost every skill a participating student might offer. The challenge is in ‘pitching’ the idea appropriately.

Getting all the salient information a job-seeker would like to present to a potential employer in about three minutes is not an easy job. Our Mentor teleconferences will focus on helping them know what to say and how to say it.