Contact Your High School Principal

Speak with your teen’s high school administrators and suggest that you would like your son or daughter to take part in our program so he or she can capitalize on and extend the hard work they do in their academic classrooms. Ask your district superintendent or high school principal to begin the process that will culminate in the approval and adoption of the Rainmakers Internship Preparation Program.

With our program, you can be sure your teen will be exposed to information that will help prepare him or her for both post-secondary education and workplace success. If you school leadership is interested, we will work with them — and with you — to initiate a successful launch.

We require all participating schools select a Site Director which is a compensated part-time job with minimal hours and flexible schedules. We work with school leadership to select a qualified parent for the part-time, paid position. Consider applying for that position — you may have the qualities we look for in a Site Director.

Our program provides information about academic, social, and workforce readiness to students as early as eighth grade and throughout high school. Students build their knowledge of business basics with our curriculum and activities and learn how to secure and serve a Rainmakers Internship. However, you should know that we require students wait until they turn eighteen before they can begin outreach to work with businesses who host our Rainmakers candidates.

Businesses and colleges alike consider internships quite impressive when successfully completed by high school students. And in today’s world, where job placement websites offer employers millions of online qualified applicants, most people still get jobs the old-fashion way: through personal contacts (networking). In fact, most reputable research cites that anywhere between 70 and 85 percent of new hires secured their jobs through their personal contacts. Therefore, the sooner young adults begin building their networks, the better. And that is exactly what we help teens do!