Rainmakers Internship Preparation Program Aligned Activity:
Develop a Performance-Based Résumé

Most business people would agree that a student’s most important job is to be successful in school. In our Rainmakers Internship Preparation Program, we capitalize on that perception and encourage students to use their progress/success in school as the focal point of a performance-based résumé.

Participating students analyze their current academic standing and strive to improve their grades in key academic subjects (especially in, but not limited to, English, Mathematics, and Science), using data from teacher-created tests and quizzes, scores on standardized tests, and teacher evaluations pertaining to effort and other soft skills.

To succeed in this effort, students are encouraged to establish better relationships with their teachers – the same kind of relationships they will need to establish with their bosses if they want to be successful.

Months later, participants document their growth/improvement in a performance-based résumé, citing appropriate data.

If students are academic achievers at the highest levels, they will be asked to tutor one or two students under the auspices of the subject-matter teacher.