Brand Recognition and Other Benefits

Our internship model (short, remote, and unpaid) eliminates the employer’s budgetary, liability, and human resource concerns, and thus opens opportunities for thousands of students to serve internships in which they can learn and practice skills they will use for the rest of their lives. 

But there are ways in which a business can gain direct benefit from participating as a Host Company for our Rainmakers Interns.

Participating businesses can increase their brand recognition with individuals who will be the country’s prime consumer age group shortly after finishing our Rainmakers Program.

Managers who are responsible for community relations programs and employee volunteerism can leverage their goals within our Rainmakers Internship Preparation Program.

Upper-level managers responsible for the development of young managers can assign their aspiring leaders the task of guiding and managing one or more interns. Upper management can use the project to spot deficiencies in participants’ management techniques and provide necessary remediation.

And perhaps … just perhaps … an outstanding student participating in our Rainmakers program will be so good that a company will wait until that young teen matures and invite him or her back as a full-time employee.