Opportunities for Employment with The Internship Depot

Students as School Site Directors

To successsfully deploy and maintain The Internship Depot program in high schools across the country, we need the help of students in grades 9 – 12 who will be our School Site Directors attend participating schools to ensure program success. Students who are School Site Directors never need to leave the school building to do their assigned jobs. We will expect Student Site Directors to be available to attend remote teleconferences or videoconferences on occasion as necessary.

The number of Site Directors who work for The Internship Depot each year depends on the number of students enrolled in the high school. Large schools will require as many as five Site Directors every year. Smaller schools may only require one or two Site Directors. Students who apply for the position of Site Directors will need to have good grades (C+ or higher), an excellent attendance record, and written recommendations from at least three teachers from their current classload. Students will need to be able to occasionally spend time

To maintain a position

To be considered for the job of Site Director, individuals must be over the age of 25, be willing to submit to a criminal background check, have strong communications skills (including the use of correct English grammar when speaking and writing), have a solid background in business (management experience a plus), have a significant understanding of, and be able to use or learn how to use, multiple telecommunications technology platforms, including smart phones, Zoom or Zoom-like technology, tablets or computers, and be able to join, and occasionally launch or anchor webinars, podcasts, and teleconferences in the evenings.

Parents who have one or more children participating as students in RIPP during the year(s) they serve as Site Directors must notify The Internship Depot staff for additional training during the years in which their child(ren) is(are) involved in the program.