Build a Network … of People

While online job boards typically post 450,000 new résumés every week, most jobs (up to 85%) are secured through professional networks. In RIPP Phase I, juniors will learn about the ins-and-outs of building professional networks with our tips and techniques. The sooner students start building their networks, and the more they know about how to build a network, the better their chances will be to get the job they want when they are ready to go to work.

We provide an in-depth presentation that will help them develop a ‘road map’ for this very important process, followed by post-survey questions to gauge what participants have learned. Students will also hear from experienced business people about how to build a personal network. Students who also successfully solicit, secure, and serve a Rainmakers Internship will be provided a FREE lifetime membership to The Rainmakers Club, an online community where they can build their professional network for the rest of their lives.