RIPP Prepares Students

The targets we set for our Internship Candidates (participating students) involve the same activities — and point to the same goals — they will pursue as adults when they are seeking and securing employment in tomorrow’s competitive workplace.

There is no better way to prepare young adults for the stress they will face in their future job searches than to ensure they have a chance to practice in a real-time, high-demand simulation of same.

Students will be able to construct performance-based résumés, assess, build, and showcase their skills, do research to identify potential internship business Hosts, ‘cold-call’ potential employers using techniques we teach them, and ‘turn’ their knowledge and skills into a product or process that the business would find useful.

When ‘hired,’ our Rainmakers Interns are expected to successfully deliver an on-time high-quality product/project that satisfies their business Host.

Essentially, our Rainmakers Candidates mimic the process they will need to use to secure jobs in tomorrow’s traditional workplace — or the Gig Economy — for the rest of their lives.