… to Focus on Careers

It’s never too early for a student to begin defining a set of general career goals. In our program, we help them work through processes they will need to master to secure and be successful in a real job. We ask them to create something out of nothing — that’s what Rainmakers do — because that’s what they may have to do when they are seeking employment as an adult.

Defining a career path takes several years as students mature, learn more about themselves, learn more about what the world will expect of them. Without doing a broad scan of available data, too many students pick the wrong major because they don’t understand what careers may be ‘attached’ to the knowledge in their college major. That’s why over 80% of students in college change their majors.

Changing majors in college is a very expensive decision. Additional courses may be required prior to moving into the electives connected to the career major, students lose time, have to spend up to six or seven years in school, postpone earning money, and take longer to pay back their student loans.