Site Directors

Site Directors are key personnel in ensuring successful delivery of The Internship Depot’s programs.

Site Directors recruited to the program are appointed by the hosting school with input from the Internship Depot and are responsible for managing the overall flow of various program components.  The Site Director responds to directives from The Internship Depot but is hired/paid/dismissed by school administrators. Background checks are mandatory.

Participating schools must agree to support program objectives by implementing The Internship Depot’s intermittent curriculum as appropriate in grades 8 through 12, which will require that teachers use one or two lessons that we have developed. These lessons are content-specific, motivational, and approved by a panel of teachers to ensure the information presented to students align with state/federal academic standards.

Site Directors secure and distribute materials as necessary and perform other key tasks, some are simple administrative chores; others require direct involvement with students.

Site Directors also ensure that program information is provided to all school administrators and teachers as appropriate. Site Directors can act as facilitators for a number of our simulation games providing they have completed training for those activities. Site Directors will establish a ‘business council’ of local employers who will help promote the goals of the program.

The school district also agrees to provide information to students and their parents alerting them to the dates/times of various live or online events via school email lists, website highlights, and morning/afternoon public address announcements.