Professional Contacts Are Essential for Job Acquisition

Online employment exchanges, where job seekers submit their qualifications online and try to connect with companies looking for their special talents, often rack up postings of over 450,000 new résumés every week.

Good … even great … talent often gets overlooked when the person who ‘owns’ that talent is only one of almost half-a-million applicants!

In fact, while job boards are all the rage, newest studies indicate that as many as 85% of job seekers secure new jobs through people they know well, who can point them to job openings, can recommend they be hired, and/or can vouch for their character. So, here is a case where the old-fashioned way is probably the best way, in spite of all the technology at our disposal.

The time for a job seeker to develop his or her professional network is while he/she is young and not viewed as competition by more experienced workers.

Our Rainmakers Candidates will be able to make dozens of professional contacts as they serve their internships and if they follow our tips and techniques for building a professional network.