Personal Responsibility

When a high school adopts and implements our Rainmakers Internship Preparation Program (RIPP), every student in our targeted grades (8 through 12) is eligible to participate. However, Rainmakers program activities are completely voluntary. We (The Internship Depot) do not require any student do the work we present to them. We encourage their participation, but we do not grade students on  their performance in any of our activities. We do not ‘take attendance’ or require participation in the various components of our program. Students can ‘drop out’ of the program at any time without any repercussions. However, school leadership and/or teachers may elect to implement any of those procedures.

However, should any student decline to participate in or miss too many of our activities, that individual will lose the opportunity to make their college application stand out, to get ready for future workforce challenges, or to add a completed internship to their college applications and their résumés. And we make sure they know those facts.

Conversely, with our training and mentoring, Members will be far better prepared for the world of work and even ready to enter the online Gig Economy, where they have the chance to earn money for college, industry training, or needed transportation before they graduate high school.