Key Information

Site Directors provide local support for, and respond to directives issued by, The Internship Depot, but are hired by and report to school leadership. Site Directors are employees of and paid by the hosting school district. Administrators from the participating school and executives from The Internship Depot confer on a regular basis to determine the quality of the Site Director’s ongoing performance and his or her suitability for annual re-appointment.

All Site Directors must be at least 25 years of age and must submit to and ‘pass’ a background check.

They must be able to spend an average of 15 hours a month on the job (including time in the school building during the day, participating in teleconferences and/or webinars occasionally in the evening), and participate in introductory training sessions. They need to be prepared to participate in our fundraising activities.

Site Directors must also have significant business experience and be enthusiastic supporters of our underlying philosophies.