… What We Did

Ultimately, if jobs are changing rapidly — and drastically — and they are, then the way society prepares its young adults for the world of work also has to change. So we took a hard look at what used to be one of the best ways to prepare students for their future careers — the internship experience. We realized that a traditional internship no longer reflects what the real world demands of its workers.

Traditional internships still submit to their historical model — often taking as long as a year of a teen’s free time to slowly learn the ins-and-outs of one particular business while traveling back and forth to the business site and doing some (often boring) work in the process. But why should a student bother to learn the culture of a single business when today’s business cultures, unlike those of a generation ago, vary so much and change so quickly? Why bother to spend all that time on a business site when so many of tomorrow’s workers will report to work virtually? Why send students to serve internships that may not be truly aligned with their real likes and talents?