What This Could Mean to YOU . . .

Grades earned in high school in challenging courses are one of the top criteria that college officials use to make their admissions decisions. But when it comes to non-academic activities that determine admissions, what counts most is extra-curricular commitment, not just extra-curricular activity. That means that colleges look for individuals who make deep and consistent commitments to a small number of extra-curricular activities rather than spending a small amount of time in each of a dozen different after-school activities that don’t relate to personal goals or future lives.

Colleges and employers look at how long and how deeply a high school student has been committed to two or three after-school interests, the time allotted to those activities, what leadership roles have been assumed in the process, what credentials have been awarded, and what has been accomplished as a result.

In short, the quality of your extra-curricular activities is more important than the quantity of your extra-curricular activities.

If your school offers our Rainmakers Internship Preparation Program (RIPP), get involved and stay involved. We provide you with the opportunities to demonstrate that you are capable of the deep and demanding commitments that meet those college admissions and employment criteria. In RIPP, you will also have an opportunity to flex your leadership muscles, earn a meaningful credential, and get a job in the human cloud that will help you earn the money you need to achieve your goals.