And We Can Help You

One whole segment of our Rainmakers Internship Preparation Program helps students understand how they can not only use and increase their intellectual curiosity, but how doing so can be nothing but beneficial to their current decision-making and future success.

Brain science clearly describes how stretching the mind — particularly with demanding academic subject matter — helps students build their ability to solve problems in that subject. But the process goes much farther. Difficult subject matter builds the brain like exercise builds the body. Stretching an individual’s mental processes also produces more brain neurons, which eventually leads to the ability to thing more critically.

Start simply. Read. Read. Read. And then read some more. Students should start by reading things that are of interest to them but fan out into related material that may not be that familiar to them.

As an individual begins to fill his or her brain with what seems to be irrelevant material, something strange happens. Out of the blue, the brain begins to connect one piece of information with another and a new idea is born. Sometimes it happens in the moments during which the brain seems to be at rest. No matter when it happens, that ‘brainstorm’ produces connections between ideas that would not have happened had that individual not been building his or her intellectual capacity all along.

Some of the best concepts/products/services ever created were generated that way .. someone’s brain connected one idea with another small idea with yet another concept. In many cases, the owner of that brainstorming brain wound up with a billion dollars in the bank.

What’s going to be in YOUR wallet?