Students Apply What They Have Learned

Practice Makes Perfect

No matter the age of the learner, reading about something only goes so far. Nothing ensures that students absorb and internalize knowledge as having to practice and apply what they have squeezed into their brains. And for sure, business expects the application of knowledge. That’s one reason why we have been a soft but steady drumbeat for workforce readiness from grade eight to the end of high school.

In our Rainmakers Internship experience, students will be able to utilize and apply what they have learned — they will use the knowledge they have gained from their academic classes and the application of that learning during simulations they have experienced during our five-year, non-intrusive program.

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Students Self-Market Their Talents and Abilities

What Can You Do?

The first question an employer will want to know is ‘What Can You Do?’ Students will need to have their answers ready.

Our process requires that students analyze their own talents, skills, like/dislikes, and figure out how to market those skills to an employer. Our process mimics the current and future workforce and prepares students for the ups and downs of the typical job search.

Our Rainmakers Candidates will need to define, categorize, enhance, market, promote, and showcase their skills in ways they would never have to do if simply given an internship through an established program. They will need to listen to, often intuit, and guarantee the skills that an employer needs.

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Students Generate Their Own Internship Opportunities

Students Will Need Hard Skills, Soft Skills, and SEARCH Skills

By putting the burden for employer recruitment on the student, we shifted the emphasis from learning during the internship itself to learning during the process of acquiring the internship. That self-acquisition process forces participants to go light years beyond the standard internship experience in which an employee of the school district finds hosting companies and pairs students with those companies.

That means we are putting equal emphasis on the three key skills workers will need: hard skills (academic knowledge that will help students get a job and be core job activities), soft skills (that will be the attitudes students will need to keep the jobs they get), and search skills, that will become more essential as the average length of time for employment in a single job decreases.

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