Spontaneous Lessons

Bring Your Wisdom … and Fast Feet

We will also deliver a series of free-wheeling telephonic consulting sessions that will ‘bring the real’ to participating students as we:

  • discuss their résumés by showcasing anonymous examples of good vs. bad documents and defining what makes one fly and the other not,
  • mock telephone interviews using some willing senior who has the courage to attempt such a thing,
  • mock business calls that show students how to network, and
  • open question sessions where students can ask anything that comes to mind.

Each of these exercises will have a rather large live audience and will

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Bring More of the Real

Here Comes the Judge

We run many competitive events throughout the year for our Rainmakers Candidates and we invite business people in to select winning teams from our various events. After a few preliminary elimination rounds conducted by teachers and The Internship Depot staff, we convene a panel of judges to decide which team of …

  • eighth graders produced the best video commercial promoting hard work in hard courses,
  • freshmen designed the best new toy and accompanying marketing campaign,
  • sophomores produced the best set of technical directions to make a replica of an unknown object,
  • seniors unfurled the best social marketing campaign with data revealing impact.

And other fun stuff like that!

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Teach and Advise via Webinar

Open Their Eyes

Short presentations from knowledgeable adults will help our Candidates understand what the world of work will expect of them. Employees from a variety of companies — sole proprietorships, large corporations, and non-profit organizations with social missions — will help participating students understand how the business world operates and learn how employers think.

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Serve As Telephonic Consultants

Come Down Off the Ledge

Volunteer business people will serve as consultants and cheerleaders as they answer key questions from students who have already started serving their internships.

Some students may have encountered problems or issues that they don’t know how to handle. A few well-placed sentences from an experienced manager will help students already serving internships repair their battered egos and bring their internship to a successful conclusion.

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Young Employees as Leaders

Position Your Young Employees as Future Leaders

Our Rainmakers Candidates (participating students) will also hear from young professionals (both white- and blue-collar) who will share their experiences as a newbie in the world of work.

We want our participating high school students to hear what it took for young adults not much older than their listeners to get to where they are.

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Lead Informational Teleconferences

What the World of Work Will Expect

Students participating in our Rainmakers Internship Preparation Program (RIPP) will be able to join a series of teleconferences and webinars with experienced business people who will discuss wide-ranging workforce and education issues, such as what they look for in a new hire, how important an academic or industry credential is, what it means to have ‘grit,’ what it takes to get into a college, university, or trade school, and many more topics that connect work with their lives as high school students.

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