The Basics

Key Information

Site Directors provide local support for, and respond to directives issued by, The Internship Depot, but are hired by and report to school leadership. Site Directors are employees of and paid by the hosting school district. Administrators from the participating school and executives from The Internship Depot confer on a regular basis to determine the quality of the Site Director’s ongoing performance and his or her suitability for annual re-appointment.

All Site Directors must be at least 25 years of age and must submit to and ‘pass’ a background check.

They must be able to spend an average of 15 hours a month on the job (including time in the school building during the day, participating in teleconferences and/or webinars occasionally in the evening), and participate in introductory training sessions. They need to be prepared to participate in our fundraising activities.

Site Directors must also have significant business experience and be enthusiastic supporters of our underlying philosophies.

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Job/Candidate Requirements

Opportunities for Employment with The Internship Depot

Students as School Site Directors

To successsfully deploy and maintain The Internship Depot program in high schools across the country, we need the help of students in grades 9 – 12 who will be our School Site Directors attend participating schools to ensure program success. Students who are School Site Directors never need to leave the school building to do their assigned jobs. We will expect Student Site Directors to be available to attend remote teleconferences or videoconferences on occasion as necessary.

The number of Site Directors who work for The Internship Depot each year depends on the number of students enrolled in the high school. Large schools will require as many as five Site Directors every year. Smaller schools may only require one or two Site Directors. Students who apply for the position of Site Directors will need to have good grades (C+ or higher), an excellent attendance record, and written recommendations from at least three teachers from their current classload. Students will need to be able to occasionally spend time

To maintain a position

To be considered for the job of Site Director, individuals must be over the age of 25, be willing to submit to a criminal background check, have strong communications skills (including the use of correct English grammar when speaking and writing), have a solid background in business (management experience a plus), have a significant understanding of, and be able to use or learn how to use, multiple telecommunications technology platforms, including smart phones, Zoom or Zoom-like technology, tablets or computers, and be able to join, and occasionally launch or anchor webinars, podcasts, and teleconferences in the evenings.

Parents who have one or more children participating as students in RIPP during the year(s) they serve as Site Directors must notify The Internship Depot staff for additional training during the years in which their child(ren) is(are) involved in the program.

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Additional Paid Opportunities

Site Directors Can Do More

This summary of the opportunities we offer to our Site Directors to be successful, entrepreneurial, and begin building (or continue building) their résumés with in-demand skills like recruitment, fund-raising, and management multi-directional projects.

More details Among other things. 

  • recruit additional high schools into the Internship Depot’s family of participating schools and receive a $500 recruitment fee per school,
  • serve as a Site Director in additional high schools that are within a reasonable driving distance and double or triple salary,
  • successfully complete training for one or both of The Internship Depot’s program events for juniors and/or seniors (Race for a Place and Compete for a Seat),
  • build and maintain a fundraising network to defray costs of various aspects of program delivery to the Site Director’s high school(s) and receive a 20% fee for funds raised,
  • arrange programs for adults who could benefit from additional workforce training, such as résumé review or computer software training,
  • launch an Internship program in the local community college,
  • convene meetings for parents who want to learn more about using technology, or how to write a better résumé and who pay a small fee for that service, and
  • be entrepreneurial, and suggest/develop/deploy new program ideas under the banner of, and with permission from, The Internship Depot.

Learn more about many of the above opportunities by opening all the bullets below this one.

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Always Prepared

Training Makes It So

Training is necessary to guarantee appropriate program deployment but also ensures that our fledgling Site Directors attend to their own growth in, and understanding of, our program. the more they know about our program the better able they will be deliver the best experience possible to our young participants.

There is no cost for our required training. Site Directors are provided with a small stipend to cover mileage and meals are provided during the workshop. We offer our training in convenient locations and provide meals as appropriate.

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An Entrepreneurial Bent

Truly Inventive

We have a few other opportunities for experienced Site Directors to bend toward the creative.

Our Site Directors can host after-school/evening résumé development/workforce readiness classes for parents of our participating high school students who might want to get back into the workplace and could use some help in defining and documenting skills or experience.

We also offer a great teaching/learning tool (The Challenges) that evaluates and improves participants ability to use common business software. Site Directors can host evening classes in which parents can learn more about common business software.

Site Directors can charge small access fees that will cover costs on the school side (computer use, janitorial time, etc.), snacks, and that will cover the time spent by the Site Director to advertise, recruit, and provide service to interested parents.

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Bring It

Raise Money – Get Money

We offer our participating schools seriously intense fundraising help, working together with them to seek donations from local companies to offset some of the extraneous costs attached to our programs.

Any contributions that are made to support the costs of introducing/continuing/expanding The Internship Depot programs flow through the school’s not-for profit education foundation so that contributing entities or individuals are eligible for a tax deduction. From those funds, the education foundation pays the salary of the Site Director and extraneous program materials costs as defined in a school-board approved contract.

We provide fundraising training to our Site Directors and they receive a 20% stipend from funds they raise, which is standard in the non-profit community. Fundraising skills are in great demand and our Site Directors will be able to transfer those skills to future employment.

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Deliver Two Program Events

Compete | Race

We offer two program events in our sequence of program activities.

Compete for a Seat

Sophomores play the roles of college admissions officials and review the applications of  graduating high school students and decide who gets admitted and who does not. Students work in teams representing their ‘institutions’ and use the same criteria colleges use to determine who successfully ‘competes for a seat.’ They even award scholarship money in strategic ways to ensure their institution gets the best students — and therefore generates the highest graduation rates — and possibly becomes a ‘TOP College.’

Race for a Place

Juniors play the roles of hiring managers and review the job applications of adults who are seeking employment and decide who gets hired and who does not. Students work in teams representing their ‘companies’ and use the same criteria businesses use to determine who successfully ‘raced for a place.’  They even award signing bonuses in strategic ways to ensure their company gets the best candidates — and therefore generates the highest production rates — and possibly becomes a ‘TOP Business.’

We prefer to deliver these events on days that precede holidays when few students are ready to pay attention to their academics. We need a full school day for either program and we use the day to serve 150 select students in three 90-minute periods with 50 students in each session.

These are complex games that we deliver to 50 students at a time. Site Directors receive $600 for each program day but are also required to attend one full day of training for each program. Meals and a gas allowance are included.

Students LOVE these events and playing these roles really helps them get ready to Compete and Race.


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