G.R.I.T. is Great for Tenth Graders

G.R.I.T. Curriculum Topics for Sophomores

Academics = Hard Skills in the Workforce

Basic Business Etiquette

Basic Tenets Embedded in G.R.I.T.

Brains Are Like Muscles

Choose the Right Course

Cultural Fit within a Business vs. Hard Skills

Develop a Life Plan Matrix

Education After High School

Every Year in High School Counts

Go Deep with Data on Careers

How to Give/Take a Peer Review

How to Choose a Field/a Career

How to Grow Vital Character Traits

How to Reduce the Cost of College

Language Counts: English, World, and Body

Leadership and Followship

High School Courses Are Not Created Equal

Steady the Course = Success

Scholarships Can Be Lost with Bad Behavior

Impact of High School Internships

The Importance of Tests

The Impact of Education After High School

What Not to Do in Your Personal Life