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One whole segment of our Rainmakers Internship Preparation Program helps students understand how they can not only use and increase their intellectual curiosity, but how doing so can be nothing but beneficial to their current decision-making and future success.

Brain science clearly describes how stretching the mind — particularly with demanding academic subject matter — helps students build their ability to solve problems in that subject. But the process goes much farther. Difficult subject matter builds the brain like exercise builds the body. Stretching an individual’s mental processes also produces more brain neurons, which eventually leads to the ability to thing more critically.

Start simply. Read. Read. Read. And then read some more. Students should start by reading things that are of interest to them but fan out into related material that may not be that familiar to them.

As an individual begins to fill his or her brain with what seems to be irrelevant material, something strange happens. Out of the blue, the brain begins to connect one piece of information with another and a new idea is born. Sometimes it happens in the moments during which the brain seems to be at rest. No matter when it happens, that ‘brainstorm’ produces connections between ideas that would not have happened had that individual not been building his or her intellectual capacity all along.

Some of the best concepts/products/services ever created were generated that way .. someone’s brain connected one idea with another small idea with yet another concept. In many cases, the owner of that brainstorming brain wound up with a billion dollars in the bank.

What’s going to be in YOUR wallet?

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But Leverage Your Charity

… And Double the Impact

Today’s corporations routinely sponsor or make large contributions to charitable organizations that help hungry people, sick children, neglected animals, and a wide variety of other good causes. Some provide direct cash contributions to organizations that serve a cause. Others contribute products (shoes, medications, animal food).

There are two main reasons why businesses do this:

  • their consumers expect them to be charitable, and without some level of acceptable social responsibility, many of their customers would buy a similar product elsewhere, and
  • their employees want them to do so — many want to get directly involved with charitable efforts — which actually creates happier workers.

Corporations have learned how to make their charitable efforts pay off … literally. They make sure that the buying public is well aware of their efforts by integrating their charitable efforts in their product marketing. Thus, everyone wins. Hungry people get food, workers in a non-profit agency get paid to give out the food, and the company that donates the money gets public acclaim and tax credits … and a larger customer base.

Students need to use these same principles while building their portfolio of accomplishments for the college admissions process. Every college applicant should build a record of providing some level of service to people or organizations. There are many things students can do — two suggestions follow.

  • students who are great in Mathematics can work with Math teachers and provide tutoring service to students who might need some help, or
  • student can provide services to worthy causes, such as the local animal shelter.

Then these charitable students can double that impact by securing letters of gratitude or certificate of thanks from adults who are appropriately connected to the undertaking.

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We Supply the Evidence

Get the Paper and the Trail

Integrated into our electronic curriculum (for grades 8 – 11) is advice that will help students make the best decisions possible as they move through middle and high school. We include suggestions about how they should gather as many recommendations as possible to acknowledge their accomplishments.

Of course, students can only gather recommendations if their behaviors and work products are worthy of same. So we ensure they know how their decisions and their behaviors can lead to success — or hinder their forward motion.

We also make sure they know that at every point along their educational journey, they hear from us about what constitutes appropriate behaviors, what defines outstanding effort, and what it means to strive for excellent outcomes. Consistently professional performance gives them the right to ask the adults they are working with to provide them with letters of recommendation. Adults rarely decline the opportunity to reward a hard-working teenager.

This ability to conform to standards demanded by others is often a hard lesson for teens to learn, but is critical for success. But learning how to be creative within defined constraints is a necessary skill that all workers will need — as is the kind of self-marketing one must do to be successful. The process they will need to use to secure written recommendations is one they are going to have to use routinely and helps them build their all-important professional networks.

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Want Fewer? We’re the One!

The Wisest Investment

Participation in The Internship Depot’s programs is the best commitment of non-school time a student can make. In one tightly coordinated set of programs, students learn why and how they should and could improve their academic performance, increase their college admissions opportunities, define career goals, get experienced advice on résumé writing, learn how to choose a college and a career,and all things related, understand what needs to be done to meet employer demands, serve an internship, and be better prepared to enter the workplace.

Like many traditional programs, ours expects students to keep up with learning objectives and accomplish tasks by certain due dates. Unlike many traditional [programs, students can accomplish those activities at school, but also at home, online, and often as time permits.

No other program affords students the opportunity to build and demonstrate all the outcomes and behaviors colleges want to see in their incoming students.

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We Offer High Quality Activities

Get Passionate Involvement Here

We provide an opportunity for students to enter a super HIGH QUALITY, LONG TERM (five-year) internship preparation program that provides opportunities for passionate involvement and depth of of experience for every participating student.

Our long-term program demands that participating students engage in activities that will provide alternating leadership/followship opportunities. These activities will be punctuated by written peer reviews that will provide participating students with a hard-core evaluation of their leadership and followship skills. It doesn’t get harder than that.

Not only is our sequence of programs long-term, in-depth and demanding, our program supports all students in their basic life goals since almost every student will need to secure a job as a young adult when they enter the workforce.

In conclusion, our program is the ultimate activity when it comes to students who need to show the ability to commit long-term to a program that matters and that supports their life goals.

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