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An internship experience on a résumé can make a college or job applicant stand out from the crowd.

However, many employers no longer offer internships to high school students due to liability (insurance) and budgetary (cost) issues. When employers offer internships, they usually offer these experiences to individuals who are near the end of their college education or industry credentialing program and are old enough to move right from an internship into full-time employment. That way, companies can assess the abilities of potential employees before they offer them full-time positions.

While younger individuals may be offered and accept internships, the tasks those interns are assigned are usually low-skill activities: answering phones, getting coffee, cleaning up meeting rooms, stocking paper, copying documents. High school students don’t have enough experience to make big decisions and a wrong decision can cost a company a lot of money, so managers limit the level of responsibility young interns are given.

Yet without a challenging internship opportunity, young adults (like YOU!) will never get the knowledge and experience employers want. And without an internship that relates to a student’s likes/dislikes/skills, that student may never be able to assess the career field they really want and in which they can achieve success.

That’s why The Internship Depot created the Rainmakers Internship Preparation Program and filled it with activities that simulate the kinds of demands, responsibilities, and interactions students will have in the real business world. That’s why The Internship Depot created two additional programs:  The First Rung for Students in Grade 8 and the Stormy Wannabees Advantage Initiative. With almost five years of practice, the transition from student to worker should be much easier.

All of this preparation and training will not only help students secure and succeed in a high school internship, but also prepares them for the adult world of work. Students learn that the business world is an exciting, demanding place where they can fully unfurl the skills acquired in school.

With the big slice of the real world our Rainmakers Candidates get in our programs, they will be able to take their first step into the Gig Economy and get the competitive edge they need to rise above the competition.

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