How Do We Secure Sophomore Success?

In high schools that are implementing our full sequence of activities, we offer our Stormy Wannabees Advantage Initiative to students in ninth and tenth grade.

For students in sophomore year, our Stormy Wannabees Initiative begins to deliver information to participating students so they better understand the college admissions process. To do this, we have developed our exclusive G.R.I.T. curriculum, which emphasizes the need for students to develop ‘grit’ (also known as tenacity, perseverance, doggedness). But the name of our curriculum also comes from key points we make in the presentations that relate to the other things colleges (and employers) value the most:

is for Growth (a commitment to lifelong learning)

R is for Responsibility (meeting all commitments)

I is for Integrity (honesty, honor, decency)

T is for Time-Awareness (punctual, deadlines always met)

G.R.I.T. virtual presentations inspire teacher-led discussions that will help guide students as they navigate their lives as underclassmen. The information in our curriculum will help students understand their world as it is now and how it might change in the future. Ultimately, we don’t make decisions for students. We don’t tell them what to think. We help them understand how to think and where to gather data that will inform their thinking in a way that will help them make the best decisions possible. We ask school officials to use our four presentations as classroom lessons in targeted subjects (English or Mathematics) and require students to complete the assignments included in the lessons.

We also offer two unique activities to sophomores. Together our G.R.I.T. curriculum and our two activities work together to enhance information, add experiential learning opportunities, and provide an Advantage to participating students.

  1. The Stormy Wannabees Initiative focuses participating sophomores on the college admissions process by deploying a day-long event in participating schools. Called ‘Compete for a Seat,’ the simulation game is delivered during double periods to every sophomore by the Site Director, who has been trained in program delivery by The Internship Depot staff. During this competitive event, students play the role of a college admissions officials making decisions about which applicants are admitted into the school and which applicants are not. This exercise helps students understand how colleges and their admissions officials think and let’s them plan accordingly.
  2. The second event for sophomores targets English class and asks students to form teams and take a bag of ‘stuff’ and use it to ‘sculpt’ an animate or inanimate ‘thing’ that would be found in the country, city, or suburbs. Then student teams are asked to write a set of directions that will provide necessary instructions for another team that will need to build the same item with the same materials without seeing what the team built. Called ‘Take It |Make It,’ the process emphasizes the need for strong writing skills and also provides information about careers in technical writing.

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