Information for Parents

The workplace is changing at an increasingly rapid rate. Many traditional jobs will disappear. Other jobs will migrate to the Internet. Today’s teens will need more preparation than any previous generation: more rigorous academic training and more of the ‘not-so-soft’ skills and character traits that will be key to survival in tomorrow’s workplace. New research reveals that those not-so-soft skills are also critical for success in college. Learn More.

Our Rainmakers Internship Preparation Program (RIPP) offers our Rainmakers Candidates (participating students) the opportunity to learn about, practice, and apply those most important not-so-soft skills in a challenging and exciting program of work that will also help them get ready for their futures. Our program also prepares them to enter the Gig Economy, where they can secure online jobs and start earning money for college, or industry training, or other necessities before they graduate from high school. Learn More.


Seasoned Confidence

We offer your teens the opportunity to start thinking about, and learning, and building the skills that will be necessary (hard skills, soft skills, search skills) for them to be successful in tomorrow’s globally competitive workforce. We make them ‘early starters’ but without demanding a lot of their time. In fact, our activities can be squeezed into the small spaces of time that busy students have left in any given week.

By the time these ‘early starters’ begin their transition to full-time employment as adults, or part-time employees as high school or college students, they will be so well-seasoned they will be able to navigate the Gig Economy or traditional jobs better than most of their peers, thus increasing their chances of workplace success.

With our training, and without ever leaving his or her bedroom, a high school student can seek employment, deliver a product or project to an employer, and be paid for their work, all in the virtual world. What can a young student do for an employer via online technologies? Learn More.

As part of the ‘human cloud,’ students can earn money for college, industry training, or transportation (as in ‘buy a car’). All they need is a computer and/or a smart phone, talent, and training. We can’t help with the technological hardware or talent, but we do a great job with that other piece — training.

Our Rainmakers Internship Preparation Program (RIPP) will prepare teens to enter any competitive employment situation. What they learn will also make them stand out in the college admissions process. To be able to access this opportunity, local school districts need to adopt our program (as required by relevant school board policies), integrate it into the school calendar in targeted grades and, according to our specifications, add it to the list of extra-curricular activities offered to students, and display our recruitment and informational posters across the school year.

Juniors and seniors participate in our Rainmakers Internship Preparation Program. Ninth and tenth graders can become involved in our Stormy Wannabees Advantage Initiative. Educators can also determine how they wish to use our middle school program, The First Rung, in their eighth grade classrooms.

Review the entire Sequence of Activities we offer teens in middle and high school and the variety of activities we offer participating students even as we minimize our impact on academic time. Nothing should supersede students’ focus on academic achievement.

Contact Your Teen’s High School Principal

Speak with your teen’s high school administrators and suggest that you would like your son or daughter to take part in our program so he or she can capitalize on and extend the hard work they do in their academic classrooms. Ask your district superintendent or high school principal to begin the process that will culminate in the approval and adoption of the Rainmakers Internship Preparation Program. Learn More.

With our program, you can be sure your teen will be exposed to information that will help prepare him or her for both post-secondary education and workplace success. If you school leadership is interested, we will work with them — and with you — to initiate a successful launch.

We require all participating schools select a Site Director which is a compensated part-time job with minimal hours and flexible schedules. We work with school leadership to select a qualified parent for the part-time, paid position. Consider applying for that position — you may have the qualities we look for in a Site Director. Learn More.

Our program provides information about academic, social, and workforce readiness to students as early as eighth grade and throughout high school. Students build their knowledge of business basics with our curriculum and activities and learn how to secure and serve a Rainmakers Internship. However, you should know that we require students wait until they turn eighteen before they can begin outreach to work with businesses who host our Rainmakers candidates.

Businesses and colleges alike consider internships quite impressive when successfully completed by high school students. And in today’s world, where job placement websites offer employers millions of online qualified applicants, most people still get jobs the old-fashion way: through personal contacts (networking). In fact, most reputable research cites that anywhere between 70 and 85 percent of new hires secured their jobs through their personal contacts. Therefore, the sooner young adults begin building their networks, the better. And that is exactly what we help teens do!

Why We Did What We Did

Ultimately, if jobs are changing rapidly — and drastically — and they are, then the way society prepares its young adults for the world of work also has to change. So we took a hard look at what used to be one of the best ways to prepare students for their future careers — the internship experience. We realized that a traditional internship no longer reflects what the real world demands of its workers.

Traditional internships still submit to their historical model — often taking as long as a year of a teen’s free time to slowly learn the ins-and-outs of one particular business while traveling back and forth to the business site and doing some (often boring) work in the process. But why should a student bother to learn the culture of a single business when today’s business cultures, unlike those of a generation ago, vary so much and change so quickly? Why bother to spend all that time on a business site when so many of tomorrow’s workers will report to work virtually? Why send students to serve internships that may not be truly aligned with their real likes and talents?

So … we did nothing less than reinvent the Internship!

In the process, we created a new paradigm that more closely mirrors tomorrow’s workplace. We also greatly reduced the burden that the old internship model placed on employers, thus opening opportunities for thousands of students to secure internships. We called our new program the Rainmakers Internship Preparation Program (RIPP). Through it, we can better prepare teens for their future jobs and immediate access to the Gig Economy. Learn More.

Students who successfully complete the program have done something that will elevate them well above the competition — they will have proven they can create something (an internship) out of nothing. That’s what Rainmakers do. And colleges and employers alike love Rainmakers. With that success ‘under their belts,’ our newly designated Rainmakers are eligible for a free lifetime Membership in our online Rainmakers Club, where they can continue to build their professional networks and seek employment. Learn More.

Never Too Early to Focus on Careers

It’s never too early for a student to begin defining a set of general career goals. In our program, we help them work through processes they will need to master to secure and be successful in a real job. We ask them to create something out of nothing — that’s what Rainmakers do — because that’s what they may have to do when they are seeking employment as an adult.

A Word About Safety

We have developed rigorous operating protocols to ensure, among other things, program efficacy and the safety and privacy of Rainmaker Candidates (participating students), Site Directors (paid program managers), Mentors (business volunteers), and Hosts (employers hosting virtual internships). As part of those protocols, students may not seek or accept internship offers or become Members of The Rainmakers Club until they have reached the age of eighteen. [Most employers will not contract with an individual under the age of eighteen.] Read More.