Job Opportunities with The Internship Depot
paid and volunteer)

We seek high school students (freshmen, sophomores, juniors and seniors) who can work as PAID INTERNS with The Internship Depot, filling the positions of school SITE DIRECTORS in their home high schools. For more information about the position of school Site Directors, check back with us once the 2022-2023 school year begins.

We also seek school administrators or guidance counselors who will SUPERVISE our high school interns and receive a STIPEND.

We seek parent VOLUNTEERS who will advocate for program implementation and serve as ADVISORS to participating students who are working to secure, or successfully perform during, their internship with a Host company. 

Our program launches in October and ends in late May every year. Intern work time is flexible and consists of small parcels of time before and after school, and online from home (or local public library) for the occasional evening video conference. Interns may also need to join one or two school-based PTA meetings. Intern duties are intermittent in nature — responsibilities and levels of activities vary over the course of program deployment. Sample activities include disseminating information (about project deployment, project due dates, general activities, and other key benchmarks) through student and parent emails and public address announcements, etc., and preparing and distributing project supplies to participating students. We also ask Site Directors to ensure that our informational posters are on display and remain on the walls, and communicate with administrators, teachers, parents, and students about program activities as necessary.

Students who are interested in being a Site Director for a participating high school should reach out to school administration (district superintendents, high school principals, guidance counselors, etc.). Students who are interested in establishing The Internship Depot’s programs in their high schools should contact school administrators and have them contact us at the information provided in the links below.

And don’t miss the FAQs below. Each provides more information about the jobs we offer to students and educators. TIDSTAFF

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