Help us maintain — or establish — our fun and effective Rainmakers Club Internship Preparation Program (RIPP) by offering to defray all or part of the annual costs to deliver the program to the students in your local high school. We keep costs low by deploying some of our program components in academic classrooms and delivering most of our after-school activities via distance technologies, but even with our low prices, some schools struggle with implementation costs.

Our program spans five grades (from eight to twelve) with meaningful workforce information, engaging activities, and learning opportunities in every grade. We calculate our fees using the number of students who are in the junior class and multiply by the total cost-per-student (about $25 per student). Thus, a school with a high school population of 800 students will need only $5,000 (200 juniors x $20.00 each) to implement our program across grades 8 through 12.  But in schools with hundreds of students, even our reasonable pricing can make a dent in a district’s budget.

A contribution that might offset all — or some — of RIPP costs for the entire junior class would be greatly appreciated by the school, it’s leadership and teacher corps, and the students whose lives will improve as a result of the program we offer.

If you elect to contribute, you would provide the funds to the school’s education foundation (a 501(c)(3) organization) which would make your contribution tax-deductible. The school’s foundation would then pay for the programming we offer.

For more information, Email us or call us at:1215-804-8912.