Manage a Rainmakers Program … or Just Launch One

Any adult can begin the process that will launch a Rainmakers Internship Preparation Program (RIPP) in a given locality. Parents (especially PTA members), business leaders, or teachers (retired or active) can approach school leadership and ask them to establish a RIPP in the local high school. School leadership can then contact us and we will continue the process.

Adults who might want to get more involved in helping teens improve the trajectory of their lives might want to consider applying for the position of Site Director. To ensure effective operations, The Internship Depot requires that a Site Director be appointed in every high school that adopts our program.

Site Directors provide local administrative support for, and respond to directives issued by, The Internship Depot, but are hired by, and report to, school leadership. Administrators from the participating school and executives from The Internship Depot confer on a regular basis to determine the quality of the Site Director’s ongoing performance and his or her suitability for annual re-appointment. Learn More.