If you are a business person who can volunteer a few hours over a two-week period of time (or across 14 non-consecutive days), then you can have a great deal of fun and make a huge impact on a young life as you help our Rainmakers Candidates (participating high school seniors or first-year college students) understand what the world of work will expect of them by hosting their internship.

There is NO COST to Participating Businesses!

Internship Hosts simply agree to manage one or more interns for what might be a few hours across a 14-day period of time, which may or may not be consecutive.

Hosting one of our interns generates no direct cost to your business.

Our Rainmakers Internship is quite different from the traditional model. Our interns serve a short (two weeks or 10 non-consecutive days), instructional (unpaid), remote (never on the business site) internship during which the student produces a product or project for the business (that the business will probably not be able to use). Nonetheless, we want internship Hosts to manage and evaluate our interns as if they were contract employees going through the process of defining and delivering a custom-made product or project under a deadline. But do keep in mind that they are very inexperienced.

Hosts should (and we do) expect our participating students to deliver a complete, error-free, on-time product. Hosts should (and we do) expect our participating students to behave at all times in a professional manner. If a Host considers an intern’s performance to be adequate, we ask the Host to provide a recommendation for the student via email at the end of the internship. Upon receipt of your positive recommendation, the Candidate will receive the designation of ‘Rainmaker’ and receive certain tangible rewards, including a lifetime membership to the Rainmakers Club, an online community that will support ongoing professional development and job acquisition.

We designed our internship experience to be efficient and effective and to teach the skills our Rainmakers Candidates will need to use most. We require our Rainmakers Candidates to generate their own internship by cold-calling employers and pitching their skills and ideas for a product that might be of interest to the business.

By putting the burden for employer recruitment on the student, we shifted the emphasis from learning during the internship itself to learning during¬†the process of acquiring¬†the internship. This is a critical redesign as futurists tell us that the traditional full-time job will be the rarity, and short-term ‘gigs’ will be the norm. Teens in high school today will need to be able to patch together a series of jobs (gigs) on an ongoing basis to generate a living wage, so their ability to get a job may actually be more important than their ability to keep a job. In the future, even adults with full-time jobs may need to get a new one every three years.

The internship acquisition process our Candidates will undertake goes light years beyond the standard job search, application, and interview scenario. While Rainmakers Candidates are expected to do an excellent job delivering the project or product they promised to the employers they recruit as Hosts, ultimately, defining, categorizing, enhancing, marketing, promoting, and using their skills in ways that result in a successful internship ‘gig’ will be their most challenging task. It is also a process that will remain virtually intact for years to come, that they will need to use for the rest of their lives. They can also use their newly acquired skills to secure supplemental income in the ‘human cloud.’

The intern will also state in writing that they retain no rights to the product/project they deliver to you in case your business does want to use their creation. If you do want to use their product, it would be appropriate to offer a small fee to the intern. We require that our participating students wait until they turn 18 years of age before seeking a Host for their Rainmakers Internship, so they would be able to accept/sign a contract for additional work or to turn the rights to their product to the Host company.

Not at all coincidentally, the structure of our internship experience drastically reduces the burden on you, the employer. Our internship requires minimal supervisory requirements and no budgetary or on-site liability impact. Busy high school students will also be more likely to find the time to invest in a shorter internship experience that offers a more robust and versatile training program than any traditional internship program. Finally, our internship has the potential to lead directly to income within the online Gig Economy while the student is still in high school and/or college..

The process starts when our Rainmakers Candidates generate their own internship opportunities by contacting a business (YOU!) and offering their services as an intern to the ‘hosting’ employer. The nature of the product and due dates will be established at the beginning of the internship and recorded in emails sent to Hosts by the intern.

Business people with some management experience are the ideal ‘bosses’ for this project but novice managers can practice their fledgling skills with our teens. We think participating managers — young or experienced — will have so much fun, they will want to ‘host’ more than one intern.

And consider using this project to ensure that your personnel meet their goals for community engagement. BZOTRC

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