Maximizing Time

We know high school students have all kinds of commitments they need to meet. We firmly believe their (YOUR!) most critical commitment needs to be to academic growth — only individuals committed to that goal can achieve future success. Sometimes, student commitments to their families are equally important. And most high school juniors and seniors (and YOU might be one of them) have already made deep investments of time and effort in other extra-curricular activities or part-time jobs.

That’s why we made the commitments students need to make to succeed in the Rainmakers Internship Preparation Program as compact and flexible as possible.

We conserve student time by ensuring that some of our lessons are embedded in high school classes. Then we follow with multiple learning opportunities delivered to participants via telecommunications technologies, including webinars, teleconferences, videos, podcasts, and website activities that Rainmakers Candidates (participating students) can join live or view after the activity. We host these sessions live after school or in the evening and make them available for download after their broadcast date so all participants have an opportunity to catch up to anything they may have missed.

If you are a high school student, know that you CAN fit this into your schedule, and it WILL be worth it. You will have fun, too!

We offer much, much more, all of which is described in our Sequence of Activities Charts. CLICK HERE.

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