Mentor our eager young adults and help them grow into Rainmakers while never leaving the comfort of your home or office – all interactions between our volunteer business Mentors (you) and our participating students (Rainmakers Candidates) occur via telecommunications technologies.

Our young Rainmakers Candidates need to interact with business people who have accumulated a great deal of wisdom (the sum of the knowledge and experience gained over years in the workplace). Whether you are currently employed or recently retired, seasoned business people – managers in particular – can help us make sure that the next generation is ready to generate the success we need them to have in this new century.

As a Mentor, you will participate in conference calls and webinars during which you can share your expertise with our Rainmakers Candidates — ambitious juniors and seniors in high school or first-year college students — who want to learn as much as they can about the world of business.

You can use your experience when you join us for one or more ‘virtual events.’ You can judge our Rainmakers competitive team events (some are streamed live, others are presented on video), participate in role-play exercises that showcase good telephone interviewing skills, help determine the best résumé developed by a Rainmakers Candidate, answer questions about the day-to-day issues they encounter once they are serving their internships, and discuss the career or job openings available in your company and related salaries so they can get a sense of the diversity of opportunities in the workforce.

All you need is a computer and a smartphone. The Rainmakers Internship Preparation Program (RIPP) activities that involve volunteer business Mentors occur via teleconference, webinar, or similar distance technologies.

We safeguard your identity (we never use Mentor’s last names) and provide training for each activity or event in which you might want to participate – and we never take too much of your time!  BZOTRC

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